Shuttle Planet is the leading Shuttle Pooling app in the world.
Stop wasting time with multi-modal on long distances.
Our mission is to connect people together, making it possible to travel anywhere, directly.


Have you ever found asking yourself "How in the world do I get there?" Well who better to answer this question than local transport companies. An abundance of cars, vans, buses, demand responsive transport schemes are usually going left and right, but finding them or other travellers to carpool with? You get the point.

We have decided to remove this wrongness. We believe that road transport - shared transportation, in particular, should be simpler and more convenient, being able to adapt to you no matter where you go. We are building Shuttle Planet from the ground up as a tool to make such adaptation and connectivity possible.

So if you are the kind of person that needs and likes to make your own way, we have the solution. Travel on your own terms (without going broke) and even help others in the same way.

Your travels, your choices. Your business, your rules.


  • Our system connects you with other travellers, based on the time and locations of your travel, and at the same time with all transport companies operating in the areas of your trip. To achieve this, we use "demand responsive transport" techniques as a tool which we provide to any transport company that uses Shuttle Planet.
  • We promote shared mobility, tourism and sustainable travel through technology and innovation. We always make sure you get the best price and value for your travel.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by reducing the costs involved in repetitive or long-distance driving. Have options presented to you without hours or days spent searching, especially when one is abroad or in rural areas.
  • Find and hop on an already existing ride or schedule your own trip. Your schedule will be visible to small and large companies alike, to get the best value option for your trip!
  • By sharing the trip you not only split the cost of it to yourself and others substantially, but you also get to form new friendships and reduce pollution and congestion at the same time.
  • Door-to-door, hub-to-hub, on-demand rides, pre-booked rides, and everything in between.


By travel of course!

Lots of it!

With years of experience in car rental and passenger road transportation service, we encountered so much valuable feedback from people that had trouble getting a viable and low-cost on-demand transport for longer distances, thus shaping Shuttle Planet.

We feel that we can improve how people travel and move around with offering more options and possibilities without focusing solely on mobility in urban areas.

Our service is vehicle agnostic. It can be used for passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles, purpose-built mobility pods and electric vehicles in urban, suburban and rural areas. Our mission is providing demand responsive transportation to anyone, anywhere.

Shuttle Planet is backed by a fantastic team of smart investors who believe that there’s a dire need for innovation in the transport industry, but not just in the cities, but areas with low supply and demand as well.

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