Average Distance From Ljubljana Airport to Metaldays

How far away from you is Metaldays?
Distance in Km / Mi to Lake Velenje.

The distance between Velenje lake and Ljubljana Airport is approximately 80 Km / 50 Mi if travelling by Car, Shuttle or Bus. Please note that official shuttle transfer will drop you off in the direct vicinity of the festival. If you decide to travel by train, the distance will be 90 Km / 56 Mi and you might additionally need to use free yellow shuttle operated by the municipality.

Average Duration of the trip to Metaldays

How long will you be travelling to Metaldays?
Lake Velenje, Slovenia.

A Shuttle or Bus Transfer from Ljubljana Airport or Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia to Lake Velenje (Velenje Beach) will take you around 1h, 30 min and between 2h and 2h, 30 min by Train. We recommend Shuttle or Bus Transfer to avoid stop-overs and chance of missing a train. Unfortunately the trains in Slovenia sometimes tend to be slower and often a tad unreliable.

Average Shuttle, Bus and Train Frequency

How well is Metaldays Connected?
Daily trips to Metaldays, Velenje Lake

Official Metaldays Shuttle service will take you to (For 2 to 3 days before the festival starts) the festival and back (On the day and after the festival ends) approximately 5 times a day. Buses connect the capital Ljubljana and Ljubljana airport to Velenje as aften as 15 times per day. Trains will get you there from Ljubljana (Not Ljubljana Airport) 10 times a day.

Flights to Slovenia, Ljubljana Airport

How to fly to Ljubljana Airport?
Slovenia Airports and Airlines.

The main Airport serving Slovenia is Ljubljana Airport, 30 minutes drive from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. There are around 16 airlines connecting in Ljubljana Airport such as Wizz Air, easyJet, LOT, FlyDubai, AirFrance among others. There are 1 to 2 flights per day depending on where you are flying from. Other nearby Airports are Graz and Vienna Airport, Budapest Airport and Zagreb Airport.

Average Shuttle, Bus and Train Price

What is the travel Cost?
Travel to Ljubljana and Velenje Price.

The flight cost will be the bulk of the travel price - if available from your airport we recommend low-cost airlines such as WizzAir or easyJet for as low as €50 / $55 to Ljubljana Airport or other nearby airports. Shuttle transfer will cost you around €25 / $30, bus transfer will cost between 6 to 15 Euros / 8 to 17 US dollars, while the train will be the cheapest option at €6 / $7.

shuttle and bus companies taking you to metaldays

Bus and Shuttle Providers:
Book Markun Shuttle, Nomago, DRD Tourism and GoOpti to Velenje, Slovenia

For as little as $27 (€25) you can travel directly to Metaldays, Velenje Lake by Shuttle Transfer with Markun Shuttle. Shuttle Planet will show you the best deals, schedules and tickets available for this journey.

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The official Shuttle Transfer provider for Metaldays Festival! Markun Shuttle is one of the largest privately owned Shuttle Transfer operators in Slovenia, based at Ljubljana Airport. They began in 2001, offering primarily bus services throughout Slovenia and throughout Europe. Since 2010, in agreement with Ljubljana Airport, they have specialized in Shuttle transport from the airport to Ljubljana. Best part? They will get you to the front door of Metaldays.

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With more than 700 modern and comfort oriented fleet of Buses and owning 22+ bus stations in Slovenia, Nomago has proven their care for the passenger. One of the most popular Bus companies in Slovenia, they operate domestic lines as well as international connections. You will notice their buses in ocean blue with a vibrant yellow A letter.

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DRD Tourism is one of the oldest Bus carriers in Slovenia. Engaged in the organization and implementation of regular and occasional passenger transportation. Their fleet covers vehicles of many different capacities. All vehicles comply with all required regulations and laws, and are operated by licensed drivers with many years of experience. As mandatory by Slovenian law, during the journey, all passengers are insured.

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GoOpti is a younger but already large transfer operator in the Slovenian market. A fast growing startup, providing innovative shared and private transfers between airports and remote towns /cities. GoOpti will never be late for scheduled pick-ups and will go through with transfers even if just one person booked it. GoOpti will do more than anyone in the industry to reach destinations on time. Take a few moments and let them take you on a special GoOpti ride.

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Velenje city market aerial view

Walking Around in Velenje

Velenje has a vibrant nightlife and cultural diversity, though this small compact city has a lot more to offer. Quaint cobbled street paths, it's hard not to appreciate travelers' fascination of this city. To immerse yourself in Slovenian culture, you need to take a stroll through the city center. Velenje's city center is easy to navigate and well designed. Traversing it will allow you to take it in and appreciate its beautiful sights. As you walk through the City center - "Pedestrian Zone Promenada", make sure you note the modern ambient in the evenings and also the amphitheater along the river, a nwewer narrow bridge and ample seating and green areas in the center for folks to enjoy outdoor space - rather than just pass through it. Velenje is a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city. Look out for its attractions, such as the statue of Tito - the former iconic leader of Yugoslavia, Velenje Castle & Museum, The Coal Mining Museum and Velenje Beach which is also the Metaldays festival venue - or simply venture around the city on foot if you feel adventurous. There are many hiking routes around which will let you appreciate this corner of the Savinjska Valley.

3 people drinking coffee

Coffee Places & Pubs in Velenje

European style coffee shops abundant throughout the city will let you experience coffee with a taste of neighbouring Italy and Austria. Many national coffee brands are also represented anywhere you venture here. Slovenia has a robust coffee culture, Velenje is no exception. On the list of best coffee places in Velenje we recommend is "Lucifer Cafe" with its great selection of coffee and chocolate! If you are looking for something stronger, bars and pubs should satisfy. One of the most well-known places to try local beer is definitely Skubeer Brewing, as mentioned above it should be on your list of beer places to try, with its unique combination of taste and experience. Slovenian beer has two major brands - Lasko and Union, with the former being of a more stronger and bitter taste and the latter a more gentle and smoother experience. Other regional brands worth trying are Pelicon, HumanFish, Lobik, Tektonik, Reservoir dogs and Mali grad. Other more well known brands that you will be able to find are Heiniken, Corona, Guiness and other European IPA's, lagers and stouts. In Velenje we recommend Plaza MiaMia cocktail bar - located on Velenje Beach, Space Bar, Bar Klepetulja and Bar Bonaca.

A kid eating barbecue food in front of a camping tent

Metaldays Camping & Velenje Food

Camping at Metaldays, with its locations' beautiful and mesmerizing views and valleys - has always been a one of a kind experience. This year the camp will be divided into several zones; Glamping Camp Velenje, a zone for mobile sleeping units, a camping only zone, camping & parking zone, glamping zone, silent camp, pre-pitched tents, and even a zone for female visitors traveling alone. Camping in the festival camp costs nothing extra. Camping in Camp Velenje however costs extra. Every year, the festival offers a variety of food choices at fair prices, these include burgers, hotdogs, pasta, Indian food, pizza, pancakes, mexican and traditional Slovenian food. Oh, and also ice-cream! If you would like to venture into the town of Velenje, there are an abundant number of things to try out! Velenje can offer you some delicious things to try out; we recommend Solcava Cottage Cheese - mature and lightly salted cottage cheese mixed with cumin and fresh cream. Iron water - Water rich in iron, magnesium, and calcium, slightly acidic with a subtle metallic taste. Pumpkin Oil - dark green with a tinge of red. Rich in flavour and delicious, avoid cooking as it may destroy some of its beneficial properties.

What Else Matters?


Have extra time before or after the festival?
Discover the best of "Šaleška Dolina"

A sports plane in flight
Day 2

Šalek Flying Experience

Motorglide over the stunning valley to soak in the beautiful views. Organized by the local Flying Club, you will be accompanied by experienced pilots.

Day 1

Underground Culinary Delight

Befitting a true Metalhead, experience a Miners' Lunch. When you visit the Coal Mining Museum, you’ll experience a genuine miners’ lunch in a dining hall set 160 metres underground.

A served dinner table in a tunnel underground
Skubeer founders toasting in front of their shop
Day 3

Skubeer Brewing Stories

Started as a garage project is now a butique brewery "Skubeer" 10 min drive from Velenje Beach. Taste local IPA and Stout Beers with stories added to taste. Don't drink beer merely for thirst!



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