Where Shared Transport is nowhere to be found and when Private Transportation is not an option!

marketpace + transport

Scheduled and Demand Responsive Transportation


Most of us know how extremely difficult it can be to find transportation of any kind in rural areas! For short trips a cab ride might seem feasible, but longer journeys require more planning and unfortunately a bigger wallet most of the time. The problem stems from the inability to properly predict fragmented and irregular transport demand in these areas! This problem causes dislocated communities and individuals to suffer economically, socially and personally, even more so as urbanization increases.


A demand-responsive buyer pick & double commit hybrid long-distance passenger transport marketplace aggregating scheduled transportation, or if none available aggregating the demand. Shuttle Planet bridges the gap between shared on-demand and scheduled regular and irregular transportation and is built for and with transport SMB's in mind, but also enterprise-capable and AV (Self-Driving) vehicle ready through an API.


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