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We all need transportation, usually multiple times a day and almost every day of the week. It’s because of the world we live in. It’s big, and it offers and requires of us to do so many things.

On Shuttle Planet you're able to find a multitude of transport options in any country in the world.

Shuttle Planet offers you an option of booking seats on already scheduled trips, of which some of them are door to door (Marked "Door to Door" on the search results) where you can set your own specific pick-up or drop-off location, or if none suit your route or no rides for your trip are yet set-up, you can determine your own route by logging in and setting up a schedule.

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Simply use the search, enter your departure location in the "From" field and the destination address in the "To" field, set the date you're travelling on, how many passengers and run the search.

You can choose among the scheduled rides shown on the results page, send messages to the transport companies and drivers right from there if you have any questions, and simply reserve the required number of seats by choosing to join a particular ride.

Nothing really new right?

What if there are no rides on the results page?

Areas that are hard to get to and have no scheduled rides are our specialty!

Winding road through the forest


In this case you are presented with a request form, asking you to state when you would like to arrive at the destination you were searching for (From this information we know the latest time you must depart), and the earliest time you are able to depart from your departure point (A minimum 2 hour departure window by default). Your trip departure will be set up in this time-frame.

By submitting a request, we will connect you with fellow passengers looking for a similar ride, and transportation companies operating in those areas in order to find the most economical and suitable trip for your needs. You can submit your ride schedules on your dashboard after you log-in as well, and although we specialize in shared transportation, you can also request private transfers or vehicle rentals as well. After you log-in, you can add additional info to your requests, for example requirements such as WiFi, power outlet for charging your devices during the trip, luggage info, seats for children, wheelchairs and travelling with pets are available.

By submitting a schedule or a request you are not bound or forced to purchase any trips, however we do ask of you that you do not submit requests for shared trips that you are not planning to take of course.

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Transportation in the Modern World

Several benefits of occasional carpooling and the benefits to the wider community or even the whole world, including:

  • Fewer expenses (for buying a car, maintaining it and buying fuel)
  • More pleasant and serene surroundings
  • Fewer emissions and a healthier environment
  • An opportunity to relax while others drive

  • Advantages of carpooling

    Sounds great, huh?

    Excellent, but this doesn’t solve the problem what to do instead of driving with one’s own car. Here are some options:

  • Bus ride
  • Train ride
  • Subway ride
  • Tram ride
  • Carpooling with a friend
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Couch potato (Staying at home)

Still Not Sure If You Want to Join?

Well, here is what you can get by using Shuttle Planet:

  • All the data you need to choose the most convenient transport service among numerous providers
  • Greatly reduced transportation costs by using shared transportation service
  • Professional and safe transportation
  • Transportation anytime and (almost) anywhere

And that’s not nearly all we offer…

Although the core of our services is creating a community of passengers and transportation providers, together with our partners we can also make some other aspects of your travel a bit more comfortable.

Need a hotel or other accommodation at the destination you are travelling to? Simply head to the footer where you will find useful links to a wide selection of hotels, apartments and homestays, and search among more than 2 million hotels, apartments, villas and other types of accommodation to find one that will offer you a comfortable stay.

Will your travel also include flights? Change to the “Flights” tab and find yourself a flight that will fit your travelling schedule.

Perhaps need a ferry ride? Just for yourself or travelling with a vehicle? Find numerous ferry routes on the “Ferries” tab (Only on desktop). As part of our offer you will also find travel insurance, and useful travel safety information.

Could you need anything else for a great travel? Perhaps the option of browsing interesting events or locations at your destination? We have that too! The “Discover” tab in the upper right corner of our site offers a list of interesting places to see and things to do for chosen countries across the globe.

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how it works - transport provider

what if you are a transportation service provider?

In that case, you have come to the right place as well.
We know a lot of people across the globe who require transportation services.

People who are looking for services such as airport transfers or carpooling in Luton. People who desperately need a ride from or to Chicago, Tokyo, Rome or London. People who are wondering about how to get to a chosen location because there's no way they can get there on foot as it's too far. People who want a reliable shuttle from their home to their dreamy vacation location. People who want to save some money and are looking for cheap transportation or shared transportation. People who just want to catch a ride to the airport urgently and don’t mind paying a reasonable price. People who are searching for you.

Partnering with us is easy: you set your prices and there are no sign-up fees or subscription costs.
You are free to set your availability however it suits you, when it suits you and on what routes it suits you.
You can also continue working through your other established relationships, so there is really nothing you could be risking by joining us.
But you could be gaining a whole lot: occasional co-travellers to increase your earnings, regular clients that frequently use your transportation services, a seasonal boost to your income or a big market of potential clients that can quickly grow your business and bring it to the next level.

Carpool road sign

You can add any transport route you already serve and have free seating on - either a one-off scheduled trip, or you can offer fixed scheduled reccuring rides on any route. Form entirely new routes based on your own experience and reach, and provide offers to trip schedules posted by passengers and form new rides based on demand, which can become regular scheduled transportation - our system will help you form trips, and connect demand-based bookings with scheduled rides.

Shuttle Planet is ready to welcome you and grow our network of reliable passenger transportation providers across the globe. Travellers are ready to explore all kinds of destinations, close and far, occasionally and regularly, alone or in the company of others.

Are you ready, too?

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